January TBA : Book Highlights Presentation

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Every beautiful garden, large or small, is a composition of carefully chosen details. Although the choices can be daunting, The Bartlett Book of Garden Elements offers a guide that is both visual and practical, highlighting classic as well as innovative details to delight the eye while serving the form and function of any garden. Over 1,000 photographs, taken by Michael and Rose Bartlett in 24 different countries, accompany a text filled with insights into the history, design and implementation of garden elements. Whether as grand as an allee, humble as a boot scrape, practical as a drain, whimsical as a birdhouse, essential as a staircase or ornamental as a sculpture, all will serve to inspire the reader.

In this presentation, Rose Bartlett will take us on a pictorial journey through highlights of the book. She will discuss the origins and roots of garden design features while providing practical suggestions for the use and maintenance of these elements in the contemporary garden.