Mid-Winter tips

Categories:Rose's Tips
  • Keep an eye out for spider mites on your houseplants — they love the dry heat of the house in winter.  If you notice leaves that look rather dusty, check for tiny webs around new growth.  If there are no webs, it may be that your plant is just dusty!  Either way, take it into the shower or sink and give it a good hosing off.
  • If you’re tired of winter and ready for a little spring, pot up a few Paperwhite Narcissus bulbs!  These non-hardy Narcissi will bloom in just a few weeks and brighten the gloomiest winter day.
  • Don’t worry if your spring bulbs are poking out of the ground already.  Daffodils are notorious for showing up to the party early, and as long as the petals aren’t exposed, they can weather the winter chill.  (Mulch and garden debris left in place through the winter will keep the soil cooler and slow down the eager beavers!)