The plants at Rose’s Garden Shop range from fail-proof houseplants like the ZZ plant, Zamioculcas zamifolia, to more challenging Australian Tree ferns to delicate miniatures for terrariums and tea cups. We also feature seasonal selections of blooming bulbs, orchids, begonias, pansies and holiday specialties. We are eager to discuss the needs of the plants we offer, and we strive to provide you with the right plant for the right place.

Spring, summer and fall allow many diverse seasonal options for the porch, shade or sun garden. From lush hanging baskets to organic herbs, uncommon annuals, perennials, vines and edibles, native plants and shrubs as well as striking Japanese maples, our shop offers a wide range of choices.

Our plants are hand-selected from the greenhouses of local (usually small) growers. Our resident horticulturist, Deanne, propagates plants as well. We use no insecticides at the shop and also offer organic and specialty potting soils for sale.

Our staff is passionate about caring for our plants, so you can feel confident the plant you take home has been well nurtured.