Fall is a great time to plant! Pansies, violas, perennials and woodies will get a head start on next year’s growth. Try inter-planting bulbs with pansies or violas for layers of garden color from winter through spring. An added bonus is that the under-planting of pansies or violas will camouflage the fading bulb foliage. We have a fine selection of mums, pansies, violas, ornamental cabbage and bulbs (expected the week of October 6) at the shop, so if you would like ideas come by the shop!

The fall vegetable season can be extended with the help of floating row cover that is light and water permeable while retaining warmth without burning plants… and we have some available.

It’s also a great time to partake in a little garden maintenance.  A good place to start is with removing dead plants but consider leaving interesting seed heads on perennials for the birds to eat and to add a unique autumnal aesthetic to your fall garden. Diseased plants are best put in the trash.

Last, but not least, this is a good time to begin winterizing house plants or tropicals that have been summering outdoors. It is best to start the transition indoors before the temperature starts to drop. Most house plants will not do well in temperatures below 50 degrees and would be happiest in a stable indoor environment. Do inspect them closely for pests or disease before bringing them inside and if you have concerns, give us a call!

Happy fall gardening!